Thursday, January 28, 2016

Painted Love!

Hi Everyone!  Danie here!  Today I have been playing with a little paint on my Gelli Plate, this time to make my own love inspired backgrounds.  As some of you may know one of the things I love most is to make my own backgrounds/papers so I couldn't resist this with Valentine's Day just around the corner.

Wanting a love themed paper I chose to work with a variety of punched hearts to use as masks with my plate. Having the shapes punched ready on hand I started with some red paint as my initial layer. Today I am working on my 8 x 10 Inch Gelli Plate. 

For my first print layer I just used Red

Punched Hearts ready to use

For my second print layer I added a mix of Acrylic Paints in other red tones such as Red Gold, Red Violet and Magenta with a touch of white to the plate and roughly brayered these across the plate trying not to blend them totally together.

Before taking my original red print to pick up the second print I proceeded to add my punched hearts to the plate.  The hearts covered up areas of the paint so that when the print is taken these areas show through the original print color.

My Second Layer was a mix of colors

I didn't completely blend these colors together

I added the punched hearts to the plate over my second paint layer as a mask.

The print taken from above steps allows the underneath layer to show through.

Some of the prints taken.
I also took some clean up prints to get various effects and played with some other colors.  After each clean up run of prints were taken I removed the hearts which then enabled me to take more clean up prints giving heart outlines compared to the solid heart shapes of my initial prints.  At the end of your print run you are left with some painted hearts to use on other projects.

A Clean up print taken once the hearts were removed.

Once dry I added more detail to my prints with some stencils and stamps using black paint.  You may like to use other mark making tools or doodling to add further detail.

Once dry I added further details with Stencils and Black Paint

And even more detail can be added with stamps and other mark making tools.

From one print (8 x 10) I am able to get two card fronts, two ATCs and two Moo Card backgrounds.

I teamed one of my card-fronts up with a black cardstock base, a heart die cut from a old book page and some red tag letters (collage sheet) which I simply squared off to use as my card sentiment - BE MINE.  I inked all the edges being a bit heavy handed around the letters to grunge them up a bit.


You will find a whole host of Vintage Valentine's Images in store at Altered Pages suitable to use with these backgrounds too.



  1. Really nice technique with the gelli plate, Danie. Your Valentines are adorabble.

  2. Layer layer layer, with paints with papers and whatever! Great compostion and techniques. Thanks for sharing.