Friday, December 2, 2016

Many Uses Vintage Christmas Tree

Wow, December is this year almost over already?!?!  It truly is crazy how time flies, well, I guess it is easy to see that times flies when you are having fun creating.  That is what I have been doing lately, with the help of  I actually had a little help this time around from as well.  Scroll along and see what I came up with. 

I grabbed one of the adorable wood and chicken wire trees from DIY Design Studio and gave the entire tree a coat of craft paint in purple
I then gave it a light dry brushing with chalk paint in cream.  The tree is 15 inches tall and makes a wonderful statement piece.   


I then gave the entire tree a bit of sanding to distress it and reveal the wood grain below.    I also added two coats of Dixie Belle satin clear coat sealer  from DIY Design Studio.

 Next, came embellishments consisting of lace, cup chain, jewelry pieces, beads and crystals.  
All embellishments were added using Crystal Lacquer.

The crystals and jewelry pieces came in a great jewelry pack full of all sorts of
goodies.  You could use rustic colors and embellishments too.   Maybe include wooden ornaments or beads.


I finished the piece by wiring the crystals and beads onto a beautiful trim. 
I also added a skeleton key that I had in my stash.
You can coordinate any colors to match your theme. 
I attached the trim to the back of tree where you won't see the mechanics of it.


These trees are a great starting base for many cute projects.
You could add mini clothespins to attach your Christmas cards  to the chicken wire and how cute of a display would that be?  You could choose white on white on white for a shabby look.  Metallics are always a great color choice for Christmas crafts.   They even come with a jute hanger already attached.

You can find everything you need at

Thanks for joining me.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 1, 2016



It seems that this month each year brings out the good things in people.   Maybe it should be December every month!

Warm regards from everyone at AlteredPages.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Little Christmas Tag

Who doesn't love those special little personal touches on presents?  Nobody I know!  I love to add decorative gift tags when I wrap my presents for friends and family.  This Jolly Old St. Nick tag will spruce up just about any gift. 

The colorful art deco background is from the Authentique Durable paper pad.  I applied double-sided adhesive to one corner and stuck it on at an angle to form a triangle.  I added four of Altered Pages wonderful collage images, a German Scrap border, chipboard flourish and a single dew drop glued on with a single drop of Tacky Glue.  Of course this tag can be embellished with layers of yarn, ribbon and thread!  I'm going to wait and choose colors that will coordinate with the gift wrap before I add those.  Then write a little note on the back and sign it and you have the perfect accessory!

Supplies used:
Authentique Durable
Shipping Tag
German Scrap
Red Dew Drop
Double-sided Adhesive & Tacky Glue

Altered Pages collage sheets:

Jolly Old St. Nick
Very Vintage Santas
Yule Log from the 2015 Christmas kit
Stained Glass Window image

Monday, November 28, 2016

Angel spoolie

Hello again. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I ate too much, as usual. Today I have a fun little project for you. It's called a spoolie. If you have never done one before, they are fun and can be a simple or as bling-ed up as you like.  This one is a little more Victorian theme than Holiday, but you could very easily change up some of the paper and ebellishments and make a fun little stand up holiday decoration (for any holiday) or even a tree ornament. 

List of supplies:
empty old wooden thread spool (from my stash)
orange juice lid, yes OJ lid.. (or you can use these cute little tart tins from AP)
Aileen's tacky glue
Matte medium
your choice of scrapbook paper
plastic pearls
high gloss medium
acrylic paint
1/4 in dowel cut to size
Glue gun

As usual I assemble a bunch of items to choose from and weed down as I go.

I started by cutting a circle of my chosen paper and use matte medium to apply it to the inside round of the juice lid. If you are using a tart tin, you can omit the paper or cut a piece to match the inside bottom of your tin. After the paper dried, I used high gloss medium on top of the paper to seal it and give it shine.

Here i am using the reverse side of my chosen paper to cover the center of the spool.  I used a see-thru silver edged ribbon on top of the paper after it dried. You can still see the paper pattern through it and the silver adds a nice shine.

I printed the angel collage sheet one time regular and then reversed it and printed again so I would have my image on both sides of the spoolie. I  attach one image to some cardstock or chipboard to give it some stability. Then I fussy cut the image out after it has dried.

Here is the fussy cut side attached to card stock then I fussy cut the reversed image and glue it to the opposite side of the first piece.

Here I glued some fake pearls to the outer edge of the juice lid and checked to make sure I still had some room around the spool to add more fun stuff to. In front is my 2 sided angel head on card stock.

Begin to decorate as you wish. Here I used some silver and green sparkly stuff from Christmas picks I had in my stash. Before I add too much, I want to get my spool attached to the base.

I cut to size the dowel I was using, cut a small slit in one end and glued my angel head on. I left about 1/2 inch above the top of the spool so I could add some decoration around the angel without covering her too much. I used a glue gun to add glue into the spool hole and hold the dowel in place. Then I hot glued to base.

I used some silver-pink tinsel and wrapped it around the dowel to hide it. Then I started adding my embellishments, resin flowers, buttons etc.

Here I'm adding flowers, a little wooden bird, some resin flowers and buttons to the bottom half in the juice cap. Attaching some to the cap and some to the wood base of the spool.

Here I have used some more high gloss to paint over the angels face on both sides. Once that has dried, I began using some pearlized champagne color acrylic paint to paint around the edge of the angel and cover up the white edges of the paper and card stock to finish the look.

Here she is all finished

and the opposite side.

I hope you try making a spoolie. They are a great little gift to make or just for a quick decoration. I have even made them for spoolie swaps!

Until next time.

Jen @ Dog-Ma Studio

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last Hurrah of November

Thanks for joining us this past month for wonderful projects by the Design Team Artists.

Have you created your Christmas cards yet?  There is still are some ideas for you.

Add these to your envelope for a sweet surprise!  @ Trisha Neal


Cheerful Santa with Stenciled backgrounds  @  Danie May   

Ethereal Angels @ Trisha Neal

Have a restful day and make sure to share some love this week!

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Year holiday card

Greetings! We're sharing holiday projects with you this month and I have a quick and easy New Year's collage card. The collage images at Altered Pages can be great for every project from a basic note card to a complex and intricate 3D project. Your imagination is the limit. At least that's usually the only limitation. I have another one right now. About 95% of my crafting items are in storage boxes. That's okay because these few collage sheets I had pulled out for Christmas were great choices for a quick little card.

Here are the supplies I used today:

Collage Sheets:
New Years Revelry
Ring in the New Year
Holiday Pets
Young Lovers

wine goblet charm 
glue stick

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Blue Santas and Wood Grain

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating!  It's Danie here today.  Altered Pages is celebrating all holidays this month and given we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia I decided to share some more Christmas makes.  This time a few simple cards. 

I just adore the nostalgic Blue Santa Images found on the Altered Pages Collage Sheet, and today teamed them with an unlikely paper choice - coloured  wood grain/panels and with a touch of gold ink and a border strip. 

A few printed die cut pieces finished these off with some suitable Christmas Greetings.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Digital Thanksgiving Greeting offers some fabulous vintage images.
When you find yourself miles away from your crafting space, and a consuming need to create, turn to digital images.

Using for your digital images allows you to digitally craft your seasonal greetings from anywhere.

Here is my Thanksgiving greeting for you:

The Happiest Thanksgiving season to you and yours from the bestest Design team ever!
Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Holiday Art Kits through the years

Order today to make in time!   

This adorable kit is great for Christmas or Hanukkah.    Order here....

More fun ideas for YOU....

How about a precious wooden spool ornament

OR Maybe a Chipboard Tree to assemble with the kids or the grands, allow them to add their own touches!  Use with the ring or as individual ornaments on the tree, there are a huge amount of pieces included in the set.

Get your Christmas tin filled with a mini garland to hang on your door or mantel. 

All good thoughts for good girls and boys!

Don't forget our wonderful Antique leather books that make for gorgeous vignettes on your end table or shelf.   Add greenery or candlesticks for a lush setting.

Glad you stopped by today.